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1. Business point of view

  • Suitable for any national market.

  • Multi-currencies.

  • Maximum aid to employees in charge of loan sales: whenever a customer is selected, a list of "possible" and "recommended" offers is displayed to the operator

  • Processings re-computing the billing (interests, insurance premiums...) from any past date onwards, in order to take into account all backdated events.

  • Design which does not ask for any interruption of the interactive session, and thus allows interactive processing “24 H over 24, 7 days out of 7”

  • Design of end-of-month accounting processings allowing them to be run a few days after the last day of the month, thus suppressing all need for accounting “regularization” entries.

  • No more customers "doubles" thanks to the systematic identification of the new customers not yet compared to homonyms, and to the existence of user-friendly operations merging customer doubles.

  • Management of credit repurchase

  • Management of consumer loyalty programs

  • Management of “packaged” products and contracts.

  • Management of the simultaneous granting of two or more contracts (for instance, of the simultaneous granting of a limit upgrade and a new loan)

  • Functions allowing an operator to pledge himself on the acceptance of an offer  ("pre-approval"), without incurring any risk of a later refusal.

  • Any payment may be assigned to the oldest unpaid debt.

  • Balance breakdown between unpaid interests, unpaid insurance premium etc. is always exact in real time.

  • The number of borrowers may be higher than 2, the borrowers may belong to more than one household.

  • Optimization of granting rules pooling between:

    • Sale of installment loan/sale of revolving credit/sale of package

    • Sale of new loan/sale of a limit increase on a permanent account/financing on a permanent account

    • Proposal (with or without pre-approval)/final decision

    • Loan contract/guarantee contract

  • Any payment schedule can be made up of any number of stages, each one having its own interest rate, periodicity, graduation rate, payment amount…

  • Calculation of the spreading out of fees, commissions and depreciations according to CRC 2002-03 (France) and IAS/IFRS regulations.

  • Full compliance with the 2009 Credit card bill (United States)

  • Full design of the “Business Intelligence” data warehouses (including those necessary to compute Basel 2 "internal ratings".

  • Full description of the data structures awaited by "Accounting Interpreter" softwares

  • Any operation or contract with customers may be billed.

  • Possibilities of remuneration of the lender compliant with Islamic law (sharia)

2. "IT governance" point of view

  • LOAN OBJECTS addresses only the "business" layer, allowing the "technical" layer to be organized freely.

  • The formalism used (“object” design) is the only one which is truly suited to the implementation of components which can be integrated in any front-office software.

  • The semantics of LOAN OBJECTS is fully consistent with other business domains, as we have taken care not to give, to a component, a name which might have another meaning in another business domain (for instance : Insurance).

  • While complying with the rule above, we have taken care to "specialize" objects only as much as strictly necessary; consequently, much of them could certainly be directly re-used in domains other than credit-to-individuals, for instance:

    • 70% of the components might be re-used to for the management of unspecified contracts (insurance…)

    • 100% of the “account management” part might be re-used to manage corporate loans or deposit accounts.

  • LOAN OBJECTS can be regarded as the object of a contract, for which the “list of the functions covered by LOAN OBJECTS” (to be fond in Product full presentation (French)) can be used as “specifications”. So our customers are particularly protected.

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