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1. Our vision of the structure of a lending-to-individuals Information System

Domain Definition Examples
1 What is not specific to the lending-to-individuals business line Workflow, word processing…
2 What, although specific to the lending-to-individuals business line, can be shared by all banks Calculation of a loan repayment schedule
3 What most banks would like to customize Loan granting rules
4 Processes reading large amounts of data without updating them Bookkeeping, Basel 2 reporting, scorecards

2. The contribution of LOAN OBJECTS to each domain

Domain Our vision of the right solution in the domain The contribution of LOAN OBJECTS to the solution
1 Off-the-peg software packages Nothing
2 In-house developments LOAN OBJECTS itself (business design of this domain)
3 Manage this domain with a "Business Rules Management System" (BRMS) In LOAN OBJECTS, the components of this domain are clearly identified, and their interface (input parameters...) is described
4 Specific developments with "Business Intelligence" or query tools LOAN OBJECTS describes all data in this domain, including data structures to be used by "accounting interpreters" software


To build a complete information system on the basis of LOAN OBJECTS, you still have :

  • To implement all components described in LOAN OBJECTS

  • To interface the application thus obtained to 1 or 2 non-specific software packages (at least a “Workflow” or “Business Process Management” and a "Word processing" software)

  • To interface this application to a "Business Rules Management System"(or BRMS) tool

  • To implement a genuine “Data warehouse” derived from the data model of sub-domain 4 (in other words, to give these data the physical shape suited to use by reporting tools)

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