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1. 5 major benefits to await from LOAN OBJECTS

The major benefit to be gained from procuring credit software components through LOAN OBJECTS are the following:

  1. Fulfillment of all business needs spotted by:

    • One of Europe's credit card industry leaders

    • One of France's mortgage credit industry leaders

  2. Very low development cost

    For the whole software, estimated at less than 1000 men-days by several independent experts.

  3. Very low migration cost

  4. Very low maintenance cost

  5. Very low training cost

These advantages are justified hereafter.

2.The levers which brought these “major benefit”

In the table hereafter, the “levers” which appear in italics are points we contractually pledge ourselves upon to the users of LOAN OBJECTS, and which are developed in chapter 3.

The "Major benefit”: The “levers” which brought it:
Fulfillment of all "business" needs spotted by 2 leaders of the sector On-the-spot analysis of the needs of the above-mentioned leaders
Very low development cost

Formal language/syntax used

Because it is currently the most suited to the use of productive development technologies.

Model optimization

Because it brings down the total number of components(classes and methods)to develop.

High detail level

Because it prevents most errors, and as a consequences dramatically brings down the length of User Acceptance Tests.

Very low maintenance cost

Formal language/syntax used

Because it is currently the most suited to the use of productive development technologies.

Best possible aptness to customization

Because it allows the software to evolve without resorting to true developments.

Very low migration cost

Model optimization

Because it keeps down the number of target classes in the migration.

Formal language/syntax used

Because it makes plain and simple the meaning of target data, so conversion rules are easy to set up.

Adaptability to any organization

For the French market mainly : our “initial settings” proposal

Very low training cost

Formal language/syntax used and High detail level

Because the user’s manual may be easily derived from LOAN OBJECTS.

High detail level

Because it allows business rules to be known by all employees, at the most detailed level.

Model optimization

Which brings about a noteworthy simplicity of the underlying software, most of the operations unfolding along the same lines:

  1. Product selection(among the relevant products in the context),

  2. Offer selection (among the relevant offers of the product in the context),

  3. (automatic) creation of a project of operation,

  4. Validation of the project of operation.

3. Focus on the “levers” we contractually pledge ourselves upon

1. Formal language/syntax used

This language is a subset of UML 2.0 with a few add-ons. The whole design is almost absolutely abbreviation-free, and as a consequence quite reader-friendly.

The formalism used is public and its full description may be obtained through the Business Design page.

2. High detail level

The detail level of LOAN OBJECTS makes it possible to foresee with 100% certainty the behavior of the underlying software.

Thus allowing LOAN OBJECTS to be used “as is” as requirements in an IT contract.

3. Conceptual optimization

It is impossible, unless giving up lever #2, to design with fewer words a software with the same business scope.

4. Adaptability to any organization

It is impossible, unless leaving the Information System in an incoherent state, to split any of the designed “operations” into more elementary ones.

This allows to obtain any conceivable business organization, without Information System changes, simply by putting together the operations we define.

5. Best possible aptness to customization

Any business rule, as long as it is not necessarily imposed on all banks around the world, may be freely adapted by the user-company.

This result is achieved by a principle detailed in the ARCHITECTURE page (use of a "Business Rules Management System" tool)

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