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Your needs

Are you currently considering…

  • Going on a new national credit market at the least possible cost, but with the organization which will put you on a footing with European credit industry leaders?

  • freeing yourself from the competitor which runs your credit back-office?

  • Cutting by two thirds the total cost of ownership of your "lending to individuals" Information System?

  • Benchmarking the best credit industry organizational practices?

  • Or simply rationalizing, step by step, the legacy systems of your credit business line by pooling components?

If the answer to one of these questions is “yes”, then LOAN OBJECTS is the solution which will enable you to achieve your goals.

Our solution

LOAN OBJECTS is the formalized and optimized design of a full, international, lending-to-individuals (credit card, mortgage loan, leasing…) software.

In the words of software engineering, LOAN OBJECTS is the UML 2.0 “business design” or “Enterprise Component Model” of this software.

LOAN OBJECTS is thus the most effective possible basis for your projects, whenever they entail sourcing modern credit management software components.

As a whole, LOAN OBJECTS enables you to build a full lending-to-individuals software with a development workload of less than 1000 men-days.

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