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Curriculum Vitae


1. General

Management (up to 200 collaborators)

2. Organization of the IT department

In-house software business design organization.

Master Data Management and data dictionaries.

Management of the IT department.

Project management.

3. Information Systems

Object-oriented design ("business" layer) with Merise or UML norms.

Process design with BPMN language.

Business analysis: drafting of specifications, user acceptance tests.

Project management: planning, budgetary control, change management, reporting.

Search for “Business Rules Management Systems".

Search for “Workflow” or “Business Process Management” tools.

Search for query/reporting tools.

Business Intelligence information sub-systems.

4. Customer studies

Decision-making in customer management; analytical Customer Relationship Management

Statistical analysis of customer behavior ("scores"…)

5. Banking business

Credit (credit cards, mortgage loans, leasing, structured credit) business line management and organization. Calculation of loan repayment schedules.

Business architecture of banking information systems.

Assets-liabilities management.

Credit risk (or counterpart risk) management: preventive (origination) and curative (collections) risk attenuation methods, long-run risk losses forecast, risk dashboards, bad debts/depreciation provisions according to French and IAS accounting standards.

Cooke and Basel 2 prudential regulations, more particularly pillar 2. counterpart risk, for finance and market operations.

BAFI/FINREP-COREP/CRC 2002-03 regulations (France)

Financial instruments (including derivatives) accounting (company accounting and consolidated accounting according to French and IAS/IFRS standards)


MS/Access, SAS, SQL, Peoplesoft/EPM, Linedata Services/EKIP, FERMAT/CAD

Legal mentions